About Us


Harper Shaw have a unique blend of skills that combined coordinate the best practices to be employed in dealing with forensic collision investigation, digital forensics and traditional investigation techniques that other organisations see as distinctly separate functions. This can lead to oversights in capturing all relevant information, which if otherwise not combined, can lead to an incomplete picture.


Noel Lowdon is an accredited and highly regarded investigator having served twelve years as an investigator into serious and complex investigations during his seventeen years as a police officer in West Yorkshire Police. Specialising in fatal road traffic collisions he was regarded as one of the most experienced investigators of such incidents in the Police Service and has investigated some of the higher profile road death cases.

He is qualified in Forensic Collision Investigation alongside his accredited PIP level 2 investigation and advanced investigative interviewing (Tier 3). His experience extends to other crime types including; Homicide, fraud, firearms discharges, manslaughter and serious sexual offences. He has a keen interest in digital forensics and was a qualified district examiner of digital devices, dealing with this sensitive evidence and managing it through the court process.

Noel has achieved Crown Court and Coroners Commendations for outstanding performance as a thorough and tenacious investigator that leaves no stone unturned, evaluating complex sequences of events.

Noel was proactive in developing West Yorkshire Police’s Major Collision Enquiry Team, he was responsible for devising and implementing new working practices to ensure minimum standards were met and maintained in this vital area of investigation. He developed and updated West Yorkshire Police’s Road Death Senior Investigating Officer’s course and was recognised as a subject matter expert in its delivery.

Noel left West Yorkshire Police to set up Harper Shaw Investigation Consultants Ltd to further develop his career independently and to pursue his passion for investigation, where he can exploit and harness new technologies and provide complimentary services to improve outcomes by assisting investigators in a number of arenas. He believes passionately that these services will improve the justice system whilst showing cost reductions for his clients by application of his extensive knowledge and experience and the ability to appropriately apply modern techniques to the investigation process.