We can provide the full package when it comes to the investigation of a serious or complex investigation. Our services include:

  • Formulation of witness and suspect interviewing strategies
  • Conducting witness and suspect interviews
  • CCTV recovery and analysis
  • House to House information seeks
  • Digital Forensic strategies and appraisals of recovered data
  • Telecom strategies and appraisals of recovered cellesite data

We specialise in serious and fatal road collisions and can offer services in relation to:

  • Vehicle Examinations
  • Crash Data Analysis
  • Scene Visits Including Plans and Photographs
  • Advanced Scene Examination Using Cutting Edge Technology including Scene Pro and 3D Laser Scanning
  • CCTV Analysis
  • Forensic Collision Investigation and reconstruction
  • Examination of Digital Devices such as Smart Phones and Satellite Navigation
  • Tachograph Information Examination


Harper Shaw are available to consult with Law Enforcement Agencies and provide investigative advice on strategies for dealing with serious and complex crime.

Our expertise and professional credentials support the fact that we have overseen some of the most complex fatal collision enquiries likely to be encountered.

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We apply our extensive knowledge of police procedures and legislation under the Criminal Procedure and Investigation Act 1996 to take instruction from Criminal Defence Solicitors to appraise police investigations. The objective of this is to ensure that all reasonable lines of enquiries have been pursed and the investigation has been carried out to a satisfactory standard fit for the levels of scrutiny it will come under at a criminal trial.

We work with Criminal Defence Solicitors from an early stage to secure and preserve independent evidence


Harper Shaw work alongside Insurance Companies to add case strategies in order to complement the work of claim handlers, to reduce risks and ensure risk is managed cohesively. We focus on motor collisions, however, these strategies may be applied to any claim handling scenario. Provide impartial assistance in cases of suspected fraud.


Fleet support services in the following areas for both cars, vans and commercial vehicles:

  • Work with the fleet manager and provide early intervention to ensure collection of critical information and data to secure and preserve for use as evidence at a later stage.
  • To comply with best practice for the security and preservation of such evidence.
  • Provide bespoke training on the issues and consequences of serious road traffic collisions for both fleet managers and drivers.
  • Assist Fleet Managers with internal investigations relating to vehicle driven incidents, either mechanical or collisions where disciplinary action may be a consequence.


  • Collection of relevant data from law enforcement and associated agencies to ensure that all relevant data is collected rather than that offered.
  • Formulation of case investigation strategies to maximise all opportunities which may be inadvertently overlooked.
  • Pre case assessment to validate case viability.
  • Provide impartial assistance in cases of suspected fraud.


Bespoke training packages including the following:

  • Leading Serious Collision Investigations.A full course in leading serious collision investigations for police officers delivered in line with the guidelines set down by the college of policing.
  • Fleet Risk ManagementFleet managers – Managing and Investigating Road Related Incidents.
  • Toolbox WorkshopsVersatile, flexible tailored short sessions to upskill employees on your chosen topic. Please contact us with your requirements.


More and more reliance is being placed upon digital forensics in investigations, therefore it is essential to employ robust processes to ensure integrity of this type of evidence.

Harper Shaw can provide reassurance and integrity of evidence for the following services:

  • Examination of Digital Devices in accordance with best practice
  • Interpretation of Digital Forensic reports
  • Explanation of Digital Forensic evidence and how it integrates with the investigation
  • Review and suggest amendments to your existing processes to ensure they comply with best practice