14th August 2017

Vehicle Digital Forensics – Part 2

Earlier this year I wrote a blog on raising the awareness of Vehicle Digital Forensics for investigators of Serious and […]

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20th June 2019

Vehicle System Forensics – Strategies

  How many Serious Crime SIO’s, Crime Scene Forensic Managers or Roads Policing Lead Investigators are incorporating the digital opportunities […]

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30th March 2019

Back to Basics: Golden Hour Principles in Serious Collision Investigation

The Golden Hour is a term for the period immediately following the commission of an offence when material is abundant and readily […]

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24th March 2019

Back to Basics – Driver Interviews

  Back to Basics: Interviewing Interviewing the driver of a vehicle involved in a fatal collision is not an easy […]

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16th March 2019

Fatal Collision Review – The Devils in the Detail

  We were recently instructed to review a fatal collision on behalf of a car driver that had been charged […]

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29th July 2018

Speeding Offences via Telematic Devices

We were recently instructed by the Police Federation to make observations in a case whereby one of the Police Officers […]

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1st November 2017

‘Code one eleven – if I didn’t laugh i’d cry’

Stress / Mental Health Dealing with Fatal Collisions on a daily basis as a UK Police Officer. This blog aims […]

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